Queer and Southern God  is a Southern Gothic, biblical tale that is set in rural Tennessee.

Hank finds himself pregnant and hasn't had a God to turn to in a minute. He’s got his Mama, but she’s busy drinking her Budweiser and smoking Kools. He's got a boyfriend, but he just can’t stomach his boyfriend’s pretentious world view anymore. It just may take the spiritual guidance of the town loon to show Hank another way of looking at the world and "God."

The film explores the importance of various spiritual paths, hope after violence, micro-aggressions, addiction, and universal truths. It also portrays the experience of being raised in the God fearing South to the rest of the world, while exploring the concept that spiritual journeys often have nothing to do with religion in some enclaves of the South.

Queer and Southern God hopes to get a wider audience and thus help increase awareness between cultures and address their own prejudices. The film will be promoted at film festivals throughout 2018 and funding solicited to ideally adapt the project into a web or streaming series.


About the Filmmaker: Melisse Tokic

Melisse Tokic is Director, Producer, and Writer of Queer and Southern God. She is a female filmmaker and activist who wants to change the way minorities are disproportionately portrayed in media and film, going as far as to create a non-profit company to help marginalized filmmakers obtain grants to make their own projects. Queer and Southern God is her first film.

After literally dying on the operating table during complications following the birth of her son, Melisse was miraculously brought back to life, realizing through that experience that she had to follow her dreams of creating films.

Equally as important to her filmmaking, Melisse is a wife, mother, and mental health counselor who lives in Tennessee.