Adrian Hill - "Hank"

Adrian Hill (who identifies as non-binary) was born in Cincinnati, OH and currently calls North Carolina home. They graduated from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte where they studied business and art. Adrian discovered their love for acting as a teen, creating skits and performing for their family. Adrian studied at The Group Studio under the direction of J.R. Adduci and performs regularly in acting groups around the Southeast. Outside of acting, Adrian enjoys songwriting and traveling the world. As a non-binary actor, Adrian hopes their work results in more visibility for gender nonconforming people and a better understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. 


Kathy Butler Sandvoss -            "Honey Lynn"

Kathy Butler Sandvoss is best  known for her work on Union Bound (2016), Changeover (2016) and I Dated a Psycho (2013). Renowned within the fitness community, Kathy is the face of the "Slim Plate" system.  She studied theater at Rollins College and Wake Forest University.  After college, Kathy continued her training with James Dodding in London, England and worked throughout Europe. She continues to study with various acting coaches and techniques, honing her individual skills. When not acting, Kathy enjoys traveling with her husband and two sons.


Noelle DeAtley - "Mama"

Noelle DeAtley met her wife, Betty, in 2003 and they moved to Charlotte, NC in 2005. While working for Apple, Noelle met some awesome filmmakers and connected with the wonderful film and artist community in North Carolina.  Having a 30 year background in technology, Noelle is also a black belt in Shotokan karate, an avid cook, a pet parent to wonder-mutt rescue dogs George and Polo, and she's always willing to lend a hand!


Mel Burch - "Trampus"

Mel Burch has been acting and booking roles since 2012. He is a character actor best know for his roles on Homeland (2011), Honey, Meet my Wife! (2013) and Scatter (2016).  Other appearances include Eastbound and Down, Banshee, and the principle actor on a national Bojangles commercial. Mel resides in Charlotte, NC with his loving cat.